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Policies & Commitments

As a global legal business we act responsibly, how we do business is just as important as what we do. Doing the right thing defines who we are as a business, and integrity is essential to everything we do. It’s what our clients expect of us, and it’s what we expect of each other.

If we are not perceived as trustworthy and are low in morals, how can you trust us? We want to show you we are a trustworthy business.

What policies does DWF have in place?

At DWF, we strive to implement our core values in all aspects of work. This is the same with our ethical policies. Our policy will not just prevent unethical behaviour, but it will ensure that staff members have a clear understanding of expectations.

Our policies demonstrate our commitment to business excellence wherever we work or do business. Our policies include:

These ensure we will demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, truthfulness, and honesty in order to uphold our reputation and to inspire confidence and trust.

The importance of policy

Our policy outlines our position on prohibiting and preventing illegal activity. Through our actions, we demonstrate our support for the UN Global Compact and its principles across our operations and throughout our supply chain covering:

To ensure this we are committed to implementing effective measures to prevent, monitor and eliminate any instances of unethical and unlawful behaviour.

The implication of policy at DWF

These policies apply to all employees of DWF, and to temporary workers, consultants, contractors, acting for, or on behalf of DWF globally. We ensure that everyone from an executive to a partner follows these standards.

Every employee and associated person acting for, or on behalf of DWF is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of business conduct.

Any breach of policy is likely to constitute a serious disciplinary, contractual and criminal matter for the individual concerned.

Sustainability through business excellence

Ethical business
Operating with integrity and doing the right thing for our clients, communities and people in all the markets we operate in.
Energy & environmental management
Discover our environmental and energy management approach for achieving our targets.