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Zambian school children receive DWF solar lights

04 March 2020
DWF has collaborated with client Namene Solar Light Company to donate and distribute over 1,000 solar lamps in Zambia.

The solar lamps are designed and produced by Namene Solar light Company for people worldwide that live without access to electricity. They provide the basic lighting needs of low-income families living without access to electricity or as a first-response light in the aftermath of humanitarian crises. In Africa, the lamps will replace kerosene lamps and paraffin candles, which are a fire hazard, cause lasting health issues and are costly.

DWF's lamps were delivered to Zambia Association of Parents for Children with Disabilities (ZAPCD), during the Christmas holiday period. The ZAPCD provides a forum for parents of children with disabilities to freely interact, share experiences and chart a course that will enable the inclusion and participation of children with disabilities into mainstream society. 80-90% of the 500 families they support do not have electricity and used kerosene or candles for lighting. 

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The impacts of our donation

  • Education - more study hours at home leading to improvement in school performance.
  • Health - reduced indoor air pollution, which causes respiratory disease and damages eyesight.
  • Safety- Removes a fire risk at home. Helps users keep visible to motorists when worn as a headtorch at night. Improves awareness of risks, such as snakes.
  • Poverty - Save $50-$80 per family from the purchase of kerosene and candles for lighting.


Christian Hellmund, Partner and Global Head of Renewables at DWF said: "We are delighted to support Namene in providing "free light" to empower school children and communities in Africa and to have such a fantastic impact on health, fire risk and costs by replacing kerosene. It’s a great illustration of how solar technology can deliver a step-change in society, particularly in developing regions without grid power - and that’s half a billion people in Africa."


Ty Jones, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement at DWF said: "This is a great example of engaging with communities and clients to effect positive societal and environmental change and in doing so play a part in delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals." 

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