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Crisis Response Service and COVID-19

29 June 2020
Now more than ever we are here to support you in the event of a crisis: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Covid-19 has created significant pressures for businesses in relation to health and safety, with many companies now having to navigate 'the new normal' and protect workers from work-related exposure to the virus. Workplaces are facing mass outbreaks of Covid-19 and the fallout from worker's complaints and whistleblowing about the lack of protection and control measures. The guidance from the Government is changing all the time and it is easy for businesses to fall foul of it and find themselves facing a crisis situation - whether that be through a HSE investigation, media interest or a Covid-19 outbreak in the workplace.

Our Crisis Response Service is focused upon supporting businesses both in pre-crisis planning and in the immediate aftermath of serious incidents. Our key objective is to help you focus on business continuity, help reduce operational impact should the worst happen and importantly to provide practical advice, emotional support, and specialist legal support. We understand the need for a comprehensive, dynamic response to a major incident, which can include managing the significant pressures from the media and providing employee and public welfare support. 
Our experienced team are ready to assist you, especially during these difficult and unprecedented times where many businesses are returning to work for the first time following the lockdown. Here are a few examples of how our Crisis Response Service can help you:

  • Assist with the impact of employee or public whistleblowing. We are seeing an increase in workers highlighting issues with their employer's approach to managing health and safety in line with Covid-19 Government guidelines. Common complaints relate to PPE, social distancing, travel arrangements, parking arrangements and queuing systems.  
  • Prepare draft statements for the press, handle journalist questions and anticipate necessary staff and supplier communications following a major incident at your workplace. Given the ever changing news narrative in the Covid-19 sphere, the press are keen to report on all developing stories including those related to localised/workplace outbreaks
  • Advise in relation to spot-checks carried out by the Health and Safety Executive. The Prime Minister has stated that spot checks will be carried out to ensure that workplaces are 'Covid-19' safe and we are experiencing active engagement by the HSE in site visits, detailed requests for information and regulatory enforcement. 
  • The UK's Track and Trace programme has recently traced a localised infection of Covid-19 back to a specific workplace. We can assist with RIDDOR reporting, the practical implications and the subsequent investigation. We have considerable experience in dealing with investigations carried out by UK regulators including Local Authorities and the HSE. 
  • Provide you with access to sector experts ranging from crisis containment, post-trauma aftercare and Public Relations support. 
If you would like to find out more about our free Crisis Response Service, including our training events and 24/7 helpline, please email Mark.Thompson@dwf.law and Sophie.Parkin@dwf.law to sign up and register your interest. 

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