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Webinar: How to ensure your supply chain attracts tariff free trade with the EU

19 January 2021

In this webinar, our experts provided an overview of the issues to be considered in order to secure tariff-free trade between the EU and the UK, particularly in situations in which content from outside the EU and UK is involved. Watch the recording.

For the second session in our Brexit webinar series, our experts explained why the Brexit agreement does not mean it is business as usual with the EU, mutual tariff-free trade is not a given. They also looked at how the way in which you operate your supply chain will determine what tariffs will apply. 

Watch the webinar

Not only is there the potential for much higher tariffs to apply if you get this wrong, but there are also robust enforcement powers available to the regulators. The HMRC has made clear that after the six month soft transition it will be enforcing this area robustly and can call for your paperwork for up to four years. 

Things have changed far more than the media and government advice suggests. Watch this webinar to understand why you need to be considering the following in order to avoid being caught out:

  • The origin of all components and ingredients in your products.
  • What type of processing they undergo.
  • The route that the product will take.
  • Changes to the supply chain which could improve the position.
  • Contract terms regarding the delivery of goods and payment of duties and product liability responsibilities.
  • Plans for EU & UK warehousing.
  • Ensuring labelling and standards meet EU/UK/NI.

DWF is hosting a series of critical Brexit webinars throughout January. A host of experts will be taking a forensic view of the UK's Brexit deal, what it means for business on both sides of the channel and the actions you need to consider.

Our series of webinars will cover subsidy control; moving goods and supply-chain; plus the impact of Brexit on financial services and insurance, energy, transport, data and telecommunications. 

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