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Transport Regulation

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All businesses with transport operations are subject to increasing regulation and enforcement. Whatever transport related challenge your business is facing, our team of industry experts and logistics specialists can offer a practical and effective solution.

Why work with our Transport Regulation team?

Whether your company deals with transport and logistics, operates its own fleet of goods vehicles, or is a Public Service Vehicle operator, the need for navigating complex transport regulation may be crucial.

Our global team can advise transport operators, from international businesses to retailers, and construction companies to utilities organisations on all of their transport needs. From setting up as a new operator, to handling the challenges that arise from a crisis, our industry-focused team can assist.

We have particular expertise in helping transport clients through the aftermath of serious and fatal accidents – including investigations and prosecutions by the police – as well as issues with regulators, border forces and customs. This can include everything from clandestine entrants to environmental enforcement, and vehicle and goods seizures.

Our experience and industry insight enables us to protect your business by avoiding or mitigating the disruption caused by such events.

How we can help you

Our Transport Regulation team provides expertise that is usually found only within transport industry-specific and niche legal practices. We have unparalleled experience representing operators and drivers following serious, fatal and high-profile accidents involving vehicles, both on and off the road.

Under our 24/7 Crisis and Incident Management service in the UK we are regularly instructed immediately following incidents to both advise the operator and/or represent the driver during the subsequent investigation, from the police/health and safety regulator interview, through any prosecution and subsequent inquest proceedings, where relevant.

In addition to protecting the interests of the driver, we work in synergy with the company and its insurers in all aspects of crisis management, including the management of reputation, transport 'O' licence issues, the setting of reserves and the reduction of overall costs and claims.

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