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Energy and environmental management

We recognise our role in supporting the global transition to a sustainable low carbon economy, and aim to lead by example in our own operations.

Continuing to take a sustainable view of our business performance, means integrating ESG principles across our operations, building our resilience to climate change, and playing our part to help repair and sustain the planet.

Our environmental commitments are overseen by our board and include a visible determination to protect the environment and continually improve our environmental performance.

What are our aims?

Our aim is becoming a net zero business within a low carbon economy.

DWF leads by example and sustainable operations and practices are at the heart of our business. Protection of the environment has become more than an issue of legal compliance. It is a global challenge, raising issues that go to the heart of how our clients do business.

Our focus is on reducing our energy usage/CO2 emissions which we have committed to reduce in line with the Paris Agreement. We have also signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) which will be our first step to aligning to a 1.5C pathway.

What energy and environmental policies does DWF have?

DWF supports the principles of sustainable development, and we have in place an environmental management system to identify and control the impacts of our business and enhance current working practices.

Available policies:

How we make a difference

We also work to incorporate climate change scenarios to understand the impact on our business model, as well as taking action to ensure efficient use of resources, following the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ waste hierarchy.

We appreciate the value our people can provide in taking ownership and responsibility for ensuring that we all work together to minimise our environmental impact.

To help combat climate change on a wider scale, we have also looked to support other businesses and charities that focus on the environment. Our charitable arm, the DWF Foundation, now has an additional theme of support "Environment and Sustainability".

Whilst the DWF foundation had funded environmental projects under other themes of education, employability, homelessness and health and well-being the trustees wanted to have a clear message about the commitment of DWF Foundation to supporting environmental activities.

Advising our clients

The Global Environmental team at DWF provides specialist advice and support in respect of the increasing range of environmental issues faced by businesses. We help clients understand this complex and changing area of regulation, always looking to improve existing practices and explore new opportunities.

In addition to supporting clients get things right, we also help them in those instances where things go wrong. More than ever, non-compliance with environmental requirements or a failure to address potential liabilities can carry significant financial penalties and reputational risks for businesses.

Sustainability through business excellence

Ethical business
Operating with integrity and doing the right thing for our clients, communities and people in all the markets we operate in.
Policies & Commitments
Our responsible business practices, have been developed in line with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.