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MIPIM: An International Perspective

12 February 2020
As Alexander Wheeler prepares to travel from Australia to attend MIPIM 2020 he considers the opportunities to connect with clients and colleagues on a truly global scale.

Constant advances in technology, both in terms of the internet and transport, as well as the evolution of trade agreements and cross-border investment opportunities, has meant that our global marketplaces are smaller than ever. After all, in an interconnected world, geographic distance is now less of a tyranny and more of an inconvenience.

It is that changing global marketplace that has meant that MIPIM is now seen as a truly global event. I am fortunate enough to have been asked, for a second year, to attend this year's MIPIM conference as part of the DWF Real Estate Sector delegation. As an Australian lawyer (and one of only a handful of Australians attending the entire conference), this presents a unique opportunity to connect with my international colleagues as well as many of our global clients.

A core value at DWF is to "be better together". While there are several ways in which we aim to realise this value, we hope to achieve this through a truly interconnected global sector team. Picking up on the intersections between real estate and our other key sectors, my attendance at MIPIM, as well as the attendance by many of my other international colleagues, is an intentional step toward ensuring that we are well placed to provide a truly diverse and international offering to our clients. 

We recognise that many of our clients who attend MIPIM invest and operate in many of the markets in which we are located. MIPIM presents a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and connect with many of those clients and demonstrate the depth and capability of our international offering.

While my attendance at MIPIM may seem like a well-crafted sales pitch, I should be clear that our intention goes much deeper. I, as well as many others across our Real Estate Sector team, firmly believe that as a truly global business we must do all we can to understand our clients and what drives them. We must look at assisting our clients aross their entire business, and not limit our engagement to a single instruction or matter. MIPIM is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know our clients and look for ways to assist them with their ventures right across the globe.

I am genuinely excited to attend MIPIM again this year, not only to connect with my international colleagues, but also to spend time meeting and listening to our many global clients. 

Our Real Estate Sector team is truly global and interconnected, and I look forward to sharing that story with those we meet at MIPIM.

If you would like to meet any of the team at MIPIM 2020, we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss how we can assist you further.

Please contact our dedicated mailbox MIPIM@dwf.law.