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Retail, Food, and Hospitality Regulatory Update W/E 16th March

17 March 2020
Retail, Food, and Hospitality Regulatory Update W/E 16th March. Information sources on Coronavirus 19.

Important Updates

Information sources on Coronavirus 19: HM Treasury > Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy > Department for Health and Social Care > World Health Organisation > EU Centre for Disease Control > US Centre for Disease Control > European Food Safety Authority >
DEFRA have committed Local Authorities not to enforce night time delivery restrictions to supermarkets. View > 

Two major reports on the burden of foodborne illness published:
The Food Standards Agency has published a detailed report analyzing the cost to the economy of 13 types of food borne illness concluding that the total cost to the economy is around the burden arising from the 13 main foodborne pathogens is around £3bn.

  • Norovirus imposes the greatest burden at an estimated annual cost of £1.68bn followed by Campylobacter spp. (£0.71bn) and Salmonella spp. (non-typhoidal) (£0.21bn).
  • Foodborne illness cases where a pathogen was not identified causes an estimated societal burden of around £6bn.
  • Taken together, the two estimates lead to a headline figure of approximately £9bn, as the annual cost burden of foodborne illness in the UK in 2018.
  • Cases of Campylobacter, which are more common but generally less severe, impose a burden of £2,380 each while Listeria, the least common of the 13 measured, has a burden equivalent to £230,748 due to a higher proportion of fatalities, resulting in a higher ‘human cost’. View >
  • Food Standards Scotland has published a report on the financial impact of Campylobacter estimating that 6000 cases per year result in a cost of £3m including a hospitalisation rate of 14%. View >


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