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Claims Management Software - EvoClaim

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Claims management software that is ideal for claims, complaints and customer service. Settle claims quickly, reduce the cost per claim and manage claim load with trend analysis, fraud detection and intelligent reporting.

Why EvoClaim?

360 EvoClaim

Efficient software to address your mission critical goals

  • Easier fraud detection: Instant potential fraud alerts for better identification and handling.
  • Faster claims processing: Immediate response in a busy, mobile world.
  • Easy cloud-based access One central resource for real-time information sharing and actioning.
  • Correspondence handling: Word, Excel and PDF are fully integrated. Our system can even store photos and video evidence.
  • Quick, flexible setup: Less onboarding time means your team can hit the ground running.
  • Automated reporting: Empower your managers with automated and “real-time” reporting.
  • Heatmap trend analysis: Identify hotspots earlier to reduce fraudulent claims.
  • GDPR ready: EvoClaim tells you how to manage the data and maintain compliance.
  • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack: Smoother onboarding for legacy systems and multiple technology requirements.
  • Legacy system friendly: Multi-sector expertise for easier discovery, development, and integration.


The benefits of using a claims management software

Reducing time and costs through focussed workflow management

  • More efficient processing: Flexible workflows to adopt efficient processes for Claims, Complaints and Customer Service.
  • On demand reports Built in report generator to create your own ad-hoc reports and intelligent MI through to heatmaps, dashboards and trend analysis.
  • Flexible to change and scale: Quick "no code" changes to screens, workflow and compliance.
  • Open integration: Our systems have no restrictions built in, maximising your ability to link with any of your back-office systems.
  • Proven technology: Microsoft based enterprise technology that scales with your business. 


EvoClaim Case Study

Doncaster Council


Consultancy, Implementation, Support, and Project Management.

Business problem

Change in legacy claims system to ensure they received the best in breed claims software solution to reduce cost and improve efficiencies.


Best in breed solution to match or beat the current legacy claims system cost and delivery more features/cost savings to the council. Integration with MOJ portal phase 1 and 2 a requirement along with the latest cloud security.

Return on investment

Improved claims handling efficiencies for direct links to MOJ for EL/PL claims and also improved MI to mitigate claims moving forward.

Why did they choose us?

Competitive tender success on price, functionality and features of software, implementation and customer service delivered via the government software procurement service.

In the client's own words

"EvoClaim was our choice of claims software for its flexibility, adaptability, security (particularly GDPR) and leading design for ease of use, plus its reporting and integration capabilities that were second to none in the market today." - Wayne Rigby, Insurance Manager at Doncaster Council.

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