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On-demand Webinar - Finding Purpose: What this means for legal teams

25 June 2021

In this Brave New Law webinar we explored 'purpose' with our GC panel members from GSK, VMware, DXC Technology and DWF, looking in-depth at what purpose means for legal teams and if purpose is an effective measurement of the legal team's value to a business. 

Purpose is central to the modern business; it tells your organisation's story and plays a role in demonstrating your authenticity. With our GC panel sharing their own experiences of 'finding purpose', in this webinar we uncover how to ensure your organisation's purpose resonates throughout what you do, explore whether legal teams should develop their own purpose and how to ensure that it is inclusive.

We also look at the relationship between purpose and purposeful activities such as ESG and DEI, and ensuring that our purpose statements are more than just words.

Watch the webinar recording below for much more on this topic:


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