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MIPIM 2023

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MIPIM is the world's largest real estate conference, bringing together professionals from all over the globe, to influence and accelerate the transformation of the Built Environment. Our global team of advisors work with a diverse range of clients across the whole of the sector. Our experience and industry insight means we can advise you at every stage of a property, portfolio or project life-cycle. 

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Sustainable urbanisation

Melanie Williams Real Estate Partner and head of DWF's Built Environment sector chaired an exclusive panel discussion with EG at this years MIPIM. Listen to the podcast.

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Construction Insights March 2023

The construction industry is one of the largest in the world and plays a crucial role in driving economic growth, employment and the development of essential infrastructure. With ESG factors becoming increasingly important to the sector, as well as rising regulation, compliance and costs, what are the issues that will be affecting the sector in 2023? 

Small panel developments explained

Industry insight: Built environment

Welcome to the latest edition of Building Better - a round-up of news, articles and insight DWF's Built Environment Sector Group.

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You or MEES

The introduction of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in 2018 started an ongoing debate between landlords and tenants as to where the risk and cost of compliance with MEES should sit in modern commercial leases. 

Levelling Up
Reports & Publications

Is Levelling Up cutting through?

Three years into the agenda, and a year after our first report, is Levelling Up hitting home in target areas of the UK? 

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Tips for tenants: Economic Crime Act

We explore the practical considerations that a UK based commercial tenant needs to be aware of when taking a grant of a lease from an Overseas Entity.   

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Building a strong business

In our countdown to Cannes, we are exploring the key themes that will be discussed during MIPIM, one of which is creating a 'Stronger Business'.


MIPIM 2023

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