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Government & Public Sector

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Economic, social and environmental disruption is driving unprecedented change throughout the world. This is creating big challenges for governments at local, regional and national levels, but we are also seeing opportunities emerge for nations and their arms of government to meet these challenges. However, in either case you may need experienced legal support in this ever-changing sector.

Understanding the Government & Public Sector market

While public authorities in every country and region of the world have to contend with different challenges and navigate different laws and legal frameworks, the issues they face are now global.

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the landscape and added renewed focus on social issues such as ageing populations, health and social care funding and wealth inequality, as well as the resilience of local and regional economies and the inter-dependence of different countries and sectors. What is becoming clear is that national and local governments across the world are liable to become more interventionist in the wake of all this, and will be ever more critical in steering respective economies through the crisis and into the recovery.

Our Government & Public Sector team deliver industry knowledge and expertise

Our multi-disciplinary government and public sector team brings together expertise in national, regional and local government, healthcare, education, charities and social enterprise. We combine vast experience across the many different strands of the public sector, working both on behalf of public bodies, quasi-public bodies and institutions, as well as with private sector suppliers and partners that rely on them.

We provide our clients with a full range of legal services such as:


Our work also spans:

All of this advice is specifically tailored to the needs of the public sector (and those interacting with it) using the specialist knowledge of our team. We advise public authorities across the world and the skills and experience we have is often readily transferable across jurisdictions. We work for central government authorities, regional and local authorities, R&D, education and health institutions, police authorities, charities, and all the third parties that work with the public sector.

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

DWF is a supplier on the UK Government's Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks: Legal Services Panel (RM6179), Wider Public Sector – Legal Services (RM6240) and e-Disclosure and Review Services (RM6336).

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Understanding the market

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